Live Webinar With Elliot Roe and Dr. Tricia Cardner Starts In:

Why are some poker players able to effortlessly hit their goals while you’re stuck spinning your wheels?

What are they doing that you aren't?

Discover what you really need to do to be successful in 2016 , create the habits that automate that success and plan your breakthrough poker year.

Hi, I'm Elliot Roe
Mindset coach to elite poker players,
UFC champions and entrepreneurs

Think back over your 2015 poker year…

Was it everything you had hoped it would be?

What promises did you make to yourself about your poker game? Did you keep them all?

How focused and motivated where you each and every day?

At the beginning of every year people say these things to themselves:

“This year is going to be different.”

“This year I’m finally going to get my act together.”

“Big things are coming for me this year.”

“This is finally the year I achieve all my goals.”

The sad truth is, most of these people are lying to themselves.

They make these bold statements but in the back of our minds, we know they aren’t true.

What actually happens is they set a ton of huge goals, and end up disappointed when they accomplish none.

I’ve always said the first step to a strong mental game is being completely honest with yourself.

Have you said these things to yourself in the past and failed to follow through?

Are you saying these things to yourself about 2016?

How Most Poker Players Set Goals

Here’s a standard set of poker New Year’s Resolutions:

  1. This year I will move up to higher stakes
  2. This year I will study more and play more volume
  3. This year I will to earn $100,000 in profits

After setting these lofty goals, you get a surge of motivation as you picture your life with those goals accomplished.

That motivation drives you hard for the first few weeks of the year, and you start off right on track to accomplish them.

That intense motivation slowly fades away and when it’s time to study or put in a second session you quickly find yourself derailed by social media, television or your friends and family.

All of a sudden, it’s the end of March, and you’re no closer to moving up, you’re barely studying, and you’re only 10% of the way to your profit goals.

A sense of hopelessness and disappointment creeps in as you’re still so far away from achieving your goals.

“What’s the point in trying if my goals are so far away?”

What went wrong?

Are you searching for a destination without a map?

Don’t get me wrong, I think everyone should set big goals, but having a big goal is just the first step.

Think about this… You’re visiting a friend in a city you’ve never been to before. They suggest you meet up and go for dinner at an excellent restaurant.

It’s a place you’ve been dying to try since you first heard about it.

You call the restaurant and make a reservation for 7:00 PM.

At 6:30 PM you leave your hotel, walk outside and start wandering the city looking for the restaurant.

You have no address, no directions and no clue what the building looks like.

Does that sound like madness to you?

This is exactly how most poker players approach achieving their goals.

Setting a goal without backing it up with a plan is no different than blindly wandering a huge city trying to find one tiny restaurant.

The promise of that decedent meal is there, but you’re left frustrated, lost and starved all while knowing your friends are enjoying the meal of their life.

The secret to achieving your goals 

Most people set big goals and continue with their life as if the act of goal setting was a guarantee that they would accomplish them.

Then when the path is harder than expected…

(and it always is)

…they are quickly derailed and disappointed in yet another failure.

You see, a goal is just a destination, the X on the map where you’re trying to go.

The secret to actually achieving your goals is using that destination to create the path to get there.

I want to walk you step-by-step through creating that path and show you how to use it to achieve any goal you set.


"How to Make 2016 Your Breakthrough Poker Year"



  • Tuesday, 29th December
  • 3:00 PM Eastern
  • 12:00 PM Pacific
  • 8:00 PM GMT

In this live online training event, Dr. Tricia Cardner and I will show you the exact steps you need to take to make 2016 your breakthrough year in poker.

You’ll also learn how to do it in a way that enhances the rest of your life. Having success in poker is great, but not when it means sacrificing happiness in the rest of your life.

This class will help you gain clarity about what you really need to do to be successful in 2016, eliminate the negative mindsets that hold you back, and give you an actionable plan so you can build momentum in your poker game (and life) over the next 12 months.

This class includes:

  • Live presentations from both Elliot Roe and Dr. Tricia Cardner
  • Worksheets so you can start making your 2016 plan right away
  • A Q&A where we’ll stay on until all your questions are answered
  • An on-demand replay, downloadable class recording and the presentation slides, so you can revisit the content at any time

Here's just a sample of what you'll learn during this live training:

  • A step-by-step system for making 2016 your breakthrough year in poker
  • How to pinpoint the best areas of your poker game to focus on for the most dramatic growth
  • How to achieve the success you want in poker, without sacrificing happiness in other areas of your life
  • 3 reasons you struggle to stick to your goals and how to stop them in advance, so they can’t throw you off track
  • Which habits help you achieve your goals faster and which virtually guarantee you’ll fail
  • How to create a theme for your year and use it to set monthly, weekly and daily targets you can easily hit
  • The “MVP Technique” for crushing it every day, so you never go to bed feeling like you wasted the day
  • How to turn your goals into a game (winning at this is a lot more rewarding than beating any X-Box game!)
  • 5 steps to create a constant stream of motivation, even when it feels like your goals are so far away

This training is NOT for you if:

  • You’re content with where you are now and don’t want to put in any effort to achieve more
  • You believe bad luck is the only thing holding you back
  • You’re not willing to change your approach, even though what you’re doing now isn’t working

This training IS for you if:

  • You are disappointed by your results in 2015
  • You were successful in 2015 and want to keep momentum in 2016
  • You’re frustrated by constantly missing the goals you set
  • You’re ready to invest in yourself to achieve your goals and dreams

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The thing I love is this stuff can be implemented immediately and increase my winrate in every hand I play, as opposed to learning something technical that comes up 1 in 100 hands.  Apestyles suggested Elliot, myself and Rob Tinnion gave him a trial run, and since then we've encouraged over 40 of our players to work with him.

- Alex 'msusyr24' Carr

Just want to say thanks again to you and Dr Tricia Cardner for the great webinar session a few days ago. Took a lot of notes and really feel as if everything you two said was extremely helpful to the way I approach the game. 100% worth the money...keep up the good work....would definitely attend another webinar in the near future. Anyways can't wait to get back to the tables with a new schedule and mindset.

- Phil Allevato

Meet Your Hosts

Elliot Roe

Elliot Roe (DHP) is a fully qualified professional hypnotherapist and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) practitioner, who specializes in working with poker players, MMA fighters and financial professionals.

He has worked with over 400 professional poker players, including those playing at High Stakes, SCOOP, WCOOP and SHRB winners. In MMA his clients include multiple UFC world champions.

His Mindset MP3s have been used by 1000s of poker players to prepare themselves to play their best each day.

Dr. Tricia Cardner

Dr. Tricia Cardner is a peak performance strategist who provides coaching and consulting to poker players, athletes and businesses by teaching them how to use psychology to gain an edge over their competition.

After becoming enamored with the game of poker, she conducted research on the psychological traits of elite tournament poker players for her doctoral dissertation called Peak Poker Performance: A Qualitative Case Study.

Positive Poker, A Modern Psychological Approach to Mastering Your Mental Game, combines her years of psychological research, clinical experience and poker playing into one place.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Webinar

A webinar is a term used to describe online seminars. When you sign up for the class you’ll be emailed instructions on how to join the webinar when it goes live. Once you’re inside you won’t have to do anything more. You’ll be able to see the presenters screen, and hear their voice. Additionally, there will be a chat box where you can ask questions.

What is the schedule for the class?

Starting at 3 PM Eastern (8 PM GMT) both Elliot and Dr. Cardner will give presentations on dealing with downswings. After the presentations, they will open the floor up for questions for at least an hour.

Will the class be recorded?

Yes! When you sign up for the class today you also receive the recording for free. This means if you aren’t able to attend live, or something comes up and you aren’t able to stay for the whole class, you won’t miss anything. I’ll send a download link via email as soon as the recording is ready.

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