Episode 41- Matt Berkey on Pain Thresholds, Nosebleed Cash Games and Playing with Hitmen


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Matt Berkey and $400,000 in Cash Chips

You can often find Matt Berkey sitting in the biggest game in Ivey’s room, where six, and even seven, figure pots are regularly contested.

His poker career started as just a way to fund his dream of making a Major League Baseball roster.

After playing four years of college baseball, Matt set off on the road traveling between pro tryouts along the East Coast and in the Mid-West.

In between tryouts he would find the local casino and play $5/$10 NL to support his travel.

In 2006, he made the switch to a full-time poker pro, and he quickly climbed the ladder to the biggest cash games in the world.

He credits his success to the many hours he’s spent studying game theory and opponent tendencies.

Matt runs the exclusive Solve For Why Academy, a poker camp created to take players from good to great.

Each camp is restricted to 9 attendees who receive hands-on training from Matt and his team of coaches.

To learn more about the camp and see if you qualify to attend visit:



Matt Berkey:

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