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Welcome to The Mindset Advantage Podcast! The only podcast dedicated to exploring the essential topic of creating a strong mindset both on and off the tables.


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Daniel “Oxota” Dvoress

This week’s guest is Daniel “Oxota” Dvoress. Daniel was introduced to poker through a high school friend.  His interest in math and psychology made for a great combination and he was hooked from the beginning.  After playing SNG’s for some time, he transitioned to cash games where he’s been successfully playing mid to high stakes for the last five years.  Besides his main game of 6-max NL, Daniel has taken an interest in other variants, both to become a more well-rounded player and out of sheer curiosity.  Recently, he has begun traveling the live poker circuit, but his plan is to maintain his focus online. He’s also an Elite coach for the online poker training site, Run it Once.

Resources  for this episode:

Daniel Dvoress: Run it Once | Run it Once Plans and Pricing

Dr. Tricia Cardner: Website | Amazon | Redchip Poker

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bear85414 says April 11, 2016

Hi i’m Johnny, just wanted to say thank you for the 7-min tilt buster. It is the greatest I used it while i was playing today and made 633rd place out of 9500 players and won $1.79 and $5.06 in Knock out bounty’s , unfortunately i found that listening to it while i’m playing kept me to calm and relaxed and focused, because I missed a couple double ups, so I will use it after winning a big pot to calm me down so that I can stay on track and not get ahead of my self. Ps I would love to purchase the $27 tilt buster but I can’t because i’m literally at rock bottom in fact i’m under the rocks. so i’ll keep it on layaway until i dig myself out and get back on my feet. MUSSI CHO, that means BIG THANK YOU
in my carrier language. GOD BLESS

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